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Why Detroit puts a smile on this doctor's face

Today's blog is doubly special as we celebrate both Women's History Month and National Doctors' Day!

There's no place like home and that statement is why Dr. Aisha Akpabio decided to open her private dental practice in the city of Detroit.

A native and University of Michigan graduate, Akpabio said she spent many years away from home after becoming a dentist at 25.

"When I left Detroit, I was young and I didn't really see the potential Detroit had," she said. Akpabio spent nearly a decade away from home; first pursuing a residency in New York and then moving to California. "I had to leave and go somewhere else to see how much potential was in Detroit."

Diamond Smiles Dentistry, a Motor City Match grantee, is located at 13334 E. Jefferson and services patients from Detroit, Southfield and the Grosse Pointes.

When Akpabio finally returned to Detroit, she began researching practices where she could service her community and make a difference.

"There weren't a lot of options for GOOD dentistry; meaning new equipment, teams that implement good training and customer service," she said. This prompted her to pursue opening her own practice which to her delight gave her more "autonomy."

"When I first moved back to Michigan, I did flirt with the idea of starting in the suburbs," she said. "But the moment I even thought about being in Detroit, the amount of support was overwhelming."

Akpabio's search for an office started on the Avenue of Fashion where she says business owners and residents were very eager to welcome her to the neighborhood. She knew things wouldn't be easy but she was sure Detroit was where we was supposed to be.

"Motor City Match, I really appreciate the program because a lot of us business owners ask for cash but we're essentially looking for a lot of support," she said. "I feel that the organization made sure I had everything in order and they connected me to other organizations that helped me grow."

You can learn more about Diamond Smile Dentistry and book your diamond studded appointment at

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