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This Detroit fitness expert knows her stuff and isn't afraid to show you!

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Many of us did our best to stay in shape when COVID-19 put us on lockdown. Khari Dickey, owner and strength/conditioning coach at Konnected Fitness, did all she could to help us do just that.

Dickey knows her stuff. She has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Wayne State University, a Master of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Medicine from Western Michigan University, and two Fitness & Performance Certifications. Fitness is her life. Before starting Konnected Fitness in May 2020, Dickey was a strength and conditioning coach at other corporate fitness gyms.

“I wanted the opportunity to work with more people within my community,” she said.

That goal led her to offer training sessions at Detroit’s Erma Henderson Park. As the business grew, Dickey began to look for spaces in her neighborhood within District 5. With the help of ProsperUs Detroit’s Entrepreneurship Training Program and her District 5 Business Liaison, Dickey was able to open the doors of Konnected Fitness’ brick-and-mortar location (8001 Kercheval Avenue, Suite 102) in January 2022.

“Mikki [Godfrey] has stepped in by showing me different connections I need to make, making recommendations and really just keeping me in the loop of things that are going on in District 5,” Dickey said. “She’s very responsive and I’m very glad I got involved with District 5 early on, even before I had a brick-and-mortar.”

As a female entrepreneur, Dickey has no problem proving her extensive knowledge in her field. “I’m able to train everyone because I’m knowledgeable, not just because of my gender.”

Konnected Fitness has seen a steady increase in clientele since opening a physical location, and its reach extends far beyond its doors. Through her training work, Dickey has been able to partner with WeRun313 to provide lessons on proper warm-ups and injury prevention, as well as Moneyball Sportswear as a brand ambassador.

To book your training session with Konnected Fitness, visit

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