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Digital Access Hub

The Detroit Means Business Digital Access Hub is a collaborative effort where entrepreneurs and small business owners can find digital tools, business service support, and resources to help operate their small businesses digitally. Bring your small business into the age of technology.

Digital Access Center

DMB has partnered with the JEI Tech Worker Program. The program is designed to bridge the digital divide by providing free 1:1 technology support and training for Detroit Small businesses. Tech Workers assist with setting up and using digital platforms, troubleshooting issues, and teaching business owners how to use the software. CTWs are professionals in training who teach Detroit business owners how to solve their tech issues independently.


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Discover Digital Tools

 Discover digital tools to help run and operate your business, market to your target audience, and more. Find resources like "How to connect to the Internet and create an email account?" Did you know there are digital tools that can save you time and lead to increased revenue? Need marketing tips: Find new ways to reach and expand your target audience.​


How Ready is Your Business for Digital? 

Find out in under 10 minutes if your business is digital ready.

Got Marketing?


Need to sit with someone to get help with your plan to attract customers?

Digital Access

Do you want to learn more about digital? How to access the internet and what tools are available to support your small business? Check out ways to connect, engage and use digital tools to grow your business. 


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Digital Business Operations

Did you know there are electronic systems business owners can use to automate and manage their day-to-day business? Find out about, Customer relationship management (CRM), Electronic financial processes and technologies that can support manufacturing, and more.

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Digital Marketing

Are you looking to engage with customers and extend your business reach? Leverage social media and other digital communication to promote your business. 


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Digital Growth 

Are interested in growing your business with digital solutions? 


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Digital Access

How do I get my business ready for digital?

Need support with navigating the digital space? Connect 313 has programs to help small business owners who are first timer learn to access, navigate and create in the digital world.​

Visit Connect 313
More Digital Access Tools

Check out these additional Digital Know How resources to help you get started.

Online Meeting
Digital Business Operations

Automate your business

Did you know there are digital programs designed to help manage your customer relationships? Visit the tools in this section for accessible resources right at your fingertips.

Digital Business Operations Tools

Check out these additional Digital Business Operations resources to help you get started.

Digital Marketing

Increase revenue and reach

Interested in learning how to create brand awareness through an online ad campaign that could lead to increased business revenue? Digital marketing tools are in reach. Click the links to discover more.

More Digital Marketing Tools

Check out these additional Digital Marketing resources to help you get started.

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Digital "how to" tools for your business

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