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Detroit Means Business is helping make Detroit the place for small business owners to thrive. DMB is Detroit’s front door to entrepreneurial success and the one place dedicated to driving a strong small business community. Find solutions, make connections and let DMB help your small business soar.


Letter from the President & CEO

Detroit small business owners deserve better – a level playing field, access to capital, supportive legislation, help navigating City services, a way to connect to peers, and so much more. They need an advocate. Enter Detroit Means Business (DMB), an organization fully dedicated to helping small businesses operate safely and successfully.

Access and Inclusion Statement

DMB is committed to providing a path to business ownership, neighborhood stability, inclusive employment and upward mobility for all Detroiters. We do that by supporting business initiatives that remove economic barriers based on social injustice, discrimination and racially biased practices. With a team that is diverse and representative of the communities we serve, DMB is working to eliminate the inequity that can block economic opportunity. This is an important step toward eliminating poverty, creating equal access to generational wealth and creating a small business ecosystem focused on entrepreneurial success.

North Star Goals

Detroit Means Business is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of a robust neighborhood-based economy. The DMB coalition has set an ambitious set of key performance indicators to reach by 2025:


DMB has delivered tangible resources to thousands of Detroit small businesses and provided a lifeline throughout the pandemic.


How you can help:

Looking to mentor a budding entrepreneur? Have information or news you’d like to share with business owners? Want to make a donation or sponsor DMB programming? Click here to reach out.

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