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Willow, Detroit's first Black-owned craft cocktail bar, is now open

Craft cocktails are the latest craze in Detroit's restaurant scene. Willow is adding to that legacy. SavannahBlue owners, Ron Scott, J.D. Simpson and Roger Yopp, opened the speakeasy due to the momentum of their soul food restaurant. Willow is conveniently located underneath the award-winning dining establishment.

Scott, Simpson and Yopp, along with late partner Tanya Heidelberg-Yopp, set out to create ventures rooted in Southern hospitality. Like many Black Detroiters whose families relocated to Michigan during the Great Migration, the founding quartet have roots in southern states like Alabama and Mississippi and drew on their experiences visiting family members down South when creating SavannahBlue and Willow.

Read more about Willow here.

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