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Motor City Match Technical Service Provider RFQ

Motor City Match requests two types of service providers: Technical Assistance Providers and Design & Architectural Service Providers.

Technical Assistance Providers

Businesses that apply to become a Motor City Match Technical Assistance service provider must submit scopes of work and rates for specific services in these business service categories.

  • Legal Services

  • Accounting and Financial Planning Services

  • Marketing and Branding Services

  • Business Planning & Business Consulting

  • Technology Services

  • Pre-Construction Services & Project Management

Learn more about Small Business Technical Assistance Services RFQ here.

Design & Architectural Service Providers

Businesses that apply to become a Motor City Match Design & Architectural Service Provider must submit proof of qualifications and examples of completed work. Design awardees solicit bids from qualified providers based on the scope of work specific to their project. Requested Architectural Services:

  • Architecture and design services

  • Building condition assessments

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Permitting and zoning review

  • Project estimates

  • Project management

  • Building permitting

  • Construction Administration

  • Energy Efficiency / Green Building Practices

Learn more about Small Business Design & Architectural RFQ here.

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