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Detroit Means Business is soliciting quotations for professional services firms and/or vendors to provide business assistance for projects taking place across the city of Detroit.


This RFQ specifically seeks qualifications from firms in the following fields for the 6 listed categories of service and their accompanying listed services:

Accounting & Financial Education, Advising and Planning Service

  • Credit repair services

  • Business credit development

  • Tax Preparation

  • Cash Flow Projections

  • Financial Statements

  • Financial Audits

  • Sales Tracking

  • Managing billing cycles

  • Payroll Management

  • Sales Tracking and sales reporting

  • Record keeping

  • Grant writing

Food Based Business Services

  • Business planning

  • Product development

  • Product launch

  • Concept development

  • Market analysis and research

  • Supply chain and marketing

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Packaging and labeling

  • Nutritional analyses and labeling

Digital Strategy, Marketing and Branding Services

  • Access and connectivity

  • Navigation training and support

  • Creation and maintenance of digital services

  • Branding position

  • Paid and Unpaid Digital advertising

  • Website design and development

  • Content creation

  • Digital strategies through analytics

  • E-commerce and digital sales

High-Growth Technology and Strategy

  • Pitch preparation

  • Data room development

  • Cyber security and compliance consultation and implementation

  • Software development (web and application)

  • Hardware consultation

  • Prototype development

  • Manufacturing consultation

Business Operations, Human Resources, and Legal Advising

  • Human Resources Services

    • Training manual and SOP development

    • Recruitment and retention

    • Compensation and benefits management

    • Onboarding and offboarding manual development

    • Performance reviews guidance

    • Employee participation and communication guidance

    • Insurance review and acquisition

    • Employee benefits

  • Business Planning & Business Consulting Services

    • Business Plans

    • Business Model Canvas

    • Preparing a budget

    • Demographic Analysis

    • Operations Design

  • Legal Services

    • Lease Review

    • Lease Negotiation

    • Contract Review

    • Licensing and Trademarks

    • Employment and Labor law compliance

Construction, Architecture, and Space Related Services

  • Pre-Construction Services & Project Management

  • Space Planning & Programming

  • Product placement and displays

  • Renderings and floor plans

  • Site Selection

  • Construction budget development and revision

  • Project readiness evaluation and assessment


Open application submission through Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 11:59 PM ET. Questions regarding the RFQ can be submitted to anytime. Responses to questions submitted to the DEGA will be posted online on this page within 2 weeks of being received. Applications will be processed, and providers will be notified of their approval status within 30 days of the DEGA's receipt of a complete application.

RFQ submissions are accepted online using the following response form: or by clicking the button below.

The Program has opened applications for existing businesses in Detroit and will be accepting applications through Sunday, June 30 2024 at 11:59 PM ET.


The Program employs a rolling process to select participating businesses then matches businesses with the technical assistance they require. The goal of this RFQ is to build a roster of TA Providers that will deliver technical assistance to the Program’s business participants.


How the Program selects TA Providers

  • All interested firms must submit qualifications as outlined in the RFQ online submission form.

  • All interested firms must be a legally established business for at least a two (2) year period at the time-of-service delivery and must be in good standing with the City of Detroit, IRS and state and county government.

  • Businesses in operation for a period of less than two (2) years at the time of application are welcome to apply; however, these businesses will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, subject to extenuating factors.Note: In general, a business cannot be a TA Provider AND a Program awardee. If a past Program awardee is interested in becoming a TA Provider, these cases can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, based on applicable Federal funding guidelines and DEGA con flict of interest policies.

  • The TA Providers are not required to be located in Detroit, however, each TA Provider must be able to meet in person with Program participants located in the city of Detroit.

  • The Program will contact references supplied by each prospective service provider and may conduct a debarment review per applicable federal funding requirements.

  • The Program will select TA Providers based on qualifications, experience, capacity, ability to execute contract, ability to service Detroit-local small businesses and compliance with federal regulations.

Questions about the RFQ Process

Questions regarding the RFQ can be submitted by clicking the Questions button below or emailing anytime.  Responses to questions submitted to the DEGA will be posted on this page under an FAQ section: within 2 weeks of being received.

Frequently Asked Questions

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