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Navigating City Processes


City Compliance Guide

The City of Detroit Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department (BSEED) oversees business license, certificate of compliance, and permit processes for Detroit business owners. Here's what you need to know to stay in compliance.


What is a District Business Liaison (DBL)?

District Business Liaisons, aka DBLs, help business owners navigate city processes, connect owners to resources, and inform policy and process improvements that benefit all Detroit small businesses.

City of Detroit

Open for Business Guide

There are 5 phases to opening your business in the City of Detroit. Whether you're signing a lease, purchasing a building, or working on construction, this guide will help you understand the processes involved.

Development Resource Center

Starting a new building project?

The Detroit Development Resource Center's easy-to-navigate and straightforward online systems will allow you to submit plans and apply for building permits faster than ever before: schedule a preliminary plan review and learn where your project is permitted.


Outdoor Dining Permits

Is your business interested in operating an outdoor dining area in Detroit this winter? Applications for the City of Detroit Open Detroit winter outdoor dining program are now available.

Cannabis Business Resources


Find the education, tools, network, and access to capital to create successful, sustainable cannabis businesses in Detroit.


The City of Detroit has online resources to get you and your small business the help you need. Check out the links below for information on a variety of City processes.

 Get certified as a Detroit based business

Detroit Business Opportunity Program

Make sense of your water bill

Drainage Charges

Take the first steps towards getting a building permit

Blight Clearance and Blight Clearance Process and Blight Violation Look-up

Get connected with a talented workforce

Detroit At Work – Request for Employees Form

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