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ডেট্রয়েট মানে ব্যবসা

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Our Mission is to Champion the Success of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs in Detroit.

What is The DMB Annual Summit?

It is a convening of over 300 Detroit small business owners and entrepreneurs to provide tools, knowledge and resources needed to build and scale their businesses through interactive workshops and invaluable networking opportunities. The goal of the summit is to provide concrete skills and proven strategies to help small business owners and entrepreneurs thrive. Attendees have the opportunity to learn from a variety of experts in the field, many of whom have Detroit ties.

What is the theme of this year's event?


This one-day in-person event will offer tangible takeaways to strengthen your business, including our DMB Live!, keynote presentations, panels, workshops, and resource opportunities in the areas of:

  • Funding and Financial Readiness

  • Contracting and Procurement

  • Digital Business

  • Business Operations

  • City and State Regulatory Processes


Join DMB Live at the Annual Summit


Didn't get your ticket for the DMB Summit? Sign up today for the DMB Live which will be livestreamed from the Summit.

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আপডেট পান 

ডেট্রয়েট মানে বিজনেস সামিট সম্পর্কে ইমেল আপডেট পান।

ইভেন্টের অবস্থান
পূর্ব বাজার
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2934 রাসেল স্ট্রিট, ডেট্রয়েট, মিশিগান 48207

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