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New online learning and grant opportunity aims to lift local BIPOC- and women-owned small businesses

A new online resource to help Detroit’s BIPOC- and women-owned small businesses succeed in today’s digital economy is launching soon.

"Verizon, Next Street, and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) have partnered to present the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready platform, a new online platform that offers entrepreneurs access to free educational resources, business coaches, and networking and grant opportunities. The program is presented locally by LISC Detroit and the organization has tapped the Metro Detroit Black Business Alliance and Detroit Economic Growth Corporation’s BuyDetroit initiative as their “Community Champions.” The two organizations will serve as liaisons, tasked with introducing the platform to Detroit’s small business community."

Learn more at Model D.

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Emmi Linderman
Emmi Linderman
13 лют.

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Andrey Andrew
Andrey Andrew
12 лют.

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